Sarthak Kumar

Welcome to my corner of the internet


I am Sarthak and I usually go by the handle @ksarthak4ever on the interwebz. I work at Fisdom where I focus mainly on various layers of Fintech products as a Backend developer building scalable products using Python, Java and JS.

I like to tinker with new technologies and build useful tools. I actively participate in Python community and write blogs related to Python and software engineering.

In my free time you can find me reading webnovels and exploring different domains of computer science.

Ultimately, my preference and skills are as temporary as every language I know and as fickle as every tool I use. As temporary as things that will be useless in 10 years. As fickle as things that can be learned by anyone. The things that last are not complete, they are in progress. So what I will tell you is that I am in progress. I hold on to my methods loosely, embrace flexibility and modularity, am willing to learn, expect to be wrong, and am confident when I'm right.